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Delicious pasta with step-by-step photos. For example, try quick and easy recipes that have minced meat, bacon, chicken fillet, tomato sauce, cream sauce, cheese, vegetables, tomatoes, onions, garlic, sweet pepper, butter

Find your most delicious pasta

Choose an interesting, hearty, simple, or complex dish according to any preference. Choose the best composition, both in method and in the price of products. If you don’t know what you can make with pasta, make these dishes. You won’t go wrong. There are pasta casseroles, buttered fried, flotsam, tomato, chicken fillet, stuffing dishes, cream gravy, broths, and noodle soup.

Choose delicious pasta dishes with meat, without meat, with vegetables, fruit, fish, in soups, salads, appetizers, oven, and more. In the search, there are separate components for cooking. So you can pick up a hearty dish, for example, with onions, cream gravy, butter, chicken, mushrooms, with the addition of minced meat. Any pasta dish to suit any taste. So far missed only salads, pasta in the multicooker microwave.

The section includes first and second dishes with noodles, vermicelli, spaghetti, lasagna, and other types of pasta. Here you will find the answer to the question of what you can make from pasta quickly and deliciously. You can cook in the oven, in a pan, and in a saucepan. In special cases, the multicooker and microwave are connected.

Author dishes made with pasta at home

Pasta dishes you can make right now. From quick and easy pasta with meat and lean options to complicated and my favorite Italian recipes that follow the tradition of pasta from the Mediterranean. In fact, there are hundreds of times more ways to make pasta (which is essentially dough with only flour and water in it) – it can be Italian dumplings, dumplings, pastries, hot and cold desserts, pasta porridge from cereals, pasta casserole in tomato gravy and many other dishes. Choose those combinations of flavors and seasonings that Italians, Americans, Europeans, or Asians love. Like pizza, there are no limits to your culinary imagination.

Pasta is probably on the list of the topmost versatile dishes a home cook of any level can make. It’s great for cooking for a crowd or a party, as well as for a light family meal or a simple dinner for two. With pasta, you will always have variety on the table and in cooking options. Pasta can be made creamy or cheesy, vegetarian or with chicken, fish, meat, and there are thousands of variations. It can be a whole day’s cooking, for example, when you make timbale or classic bolognese, or you can make homemade pesto or marinara in 5 minutes, or you can buy ready pasta sauce in a jar and not waste time on cooking, but simply add it to the ready pasta. The point is, it will taste amazing every time if you know the nuances and subtleties. That’s what I’m trying to talk about on the Macaronomania site. I take variations from searches, social media, or youtube. In each dish, I describe the step-by-step preparation, the technology I use, and the nuances that come up in the cooking process. It all adds up to 2-5 tries to make a recipe and find just the right combination that works for me.

What can I cook pasta with to make it tasty?

From classic spaghetti Bolognese to pasta with meatballs to cheese and lasagna recipes, it’s easy to find any meal options on this site. Find the perfect and easy pasta side dish recipe for midweek lunches, as well as great dishes you can make with pasta in half an hour. Grab your best drinks, pick up some wine, and enjoy the taste of pasta.

You don’t have to follow the descriptions exactly. Choose new pasta ingredients, add them to your menu and make your own list of foods you like best. For example, you can add to dishes: broccoli, zucchini, mushroom broth, dairy, cheese or garlic sauce, minced poultry cutlets, meatballs, meat supplements, and stews, pine, and walnuts, omelets, bread, spices, herbs. It turns out you are not limited, especially in your kitchen. Start experimenting with pasta dishes—Cook just for yourself or for the whole family.

Simple and classic pasta recipes are always popular and naturally economical. Use the simple cooking methods described on the pages of this site, and your pasta dishes will always have a variety for a quick weekday snack and pasta cooking for lunch, dinner, and holidays!

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